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Moving your hot tub is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of owning one. It’s like having a second home all of its own and there is nothing quite like having a relaxing spa to take advantage of on a hot summer day. Before you even start planning for your move, you may want to consider how to move a hot tub on your own. This will save you money and will give you valuable time that you can use to do other things around the house.

The expense of moving a hot tub from a professional mover to your home spa range from hundreds to over a thousand dollars. When you factor in extra charges added due to factors such as distance, height, labor cost, the town you reside in, etc, all can add up to these costs of moving very quickly. A great deal of money is also put into the preparation of the home spa, including finding the right supplies and tools as well as making sure that the moving company has the proper license to be handling the move. It is important that you research your potential moving company thoroughly before signing any type of contract. Make sure that they are fully insured and that they are insured enough to cover any eventuality.

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One of the biggest considerations when thinking about moving your hot tub involves lifting it into place. Hot tubs are typically quite heavy, especially if filled with water and spa dollies can help with this process. If your hot tub is not particularly heavy, then the best way to lift it into place is to use a dolly that is specially designed to lift hot tubs. The dolly is connected to the moving company by a cable system that lifts the entire spa dolly and its contents into the truck where it is transferred to the truck for transport. The dolly is then fastened onto the truck’s bed, which should be done by someone who is very experienced in moving hot tubs because of the potentially harmful speeds at which it can move.

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When selecting a moving company to help with this move, you should ask the moving company for references. Ask the references for names of clients they have used in the past. The mover should provide you with at least three references in writing. Then ask the moving company to provide you with a list of references that you can contact for further information. After gathering all of the necessary information and reviewing each moving company, you can decide which one has the most experience and expertise in the relocation of your spa. In general, it is a good idea to use the services of a nationwide moving company to save money, time, and worry.

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Another factor to consider is whether or not the new home is safe from mold. There are laws in various cities throughout the country that prevent landlords from allowing sub-standard conditions in their rental units. If your spa is in a substandard condition, it will be harder for you to get rid of and even more difficult to clean once you move it into your new home. Moving companies can usually help you get rid of any mold that may be found on the walls and floors of your spa. However, if the mold does not pose a health risk, the moving company may not be able to remove it.

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A moving glossary is a glossary of sorts that will help you communicate effectively with your moving company. For example, you should make sure that you have the correct measurements and widths when you discuss moving specifics. If you are uncertain about anything you conversation with your mover, you should ask questions until you understand the situation fully. If your spa is too small to fit through the doors of your new home, or vice versa, you may want to consider a shuttle service for transportation. The most important thing is to remember that the entire process will take longer than if you were to attempt to move the spa on your own.

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A professional moving company will also be able to help you with the packing of your belongings and the removal of any furniture or other items that must be moved separately. You should only remove what you need to during the move and then store the rest in your new home. Furniture such as couches, chairs, and tables should be put in protective bins or plastic bags. This will help reduce the risk of damage while the movers zip around the neighborhood taking everything out of your residence. If you are unsure about how to pack certain belongings, you should ask the moving company you are working with how to pack various household goods so you know what to take and where it should go.

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If you are worried about having to lift heavy items, you should know that the majority of professional mover companies offer a lift chair or scissor lift. These are commonly used by professional movers because they provide the convenience of lifting items and placing them into storage while still allowing a person to move with ease and comfort. A good mover will make sure that your belongings are transported and placed properly in your new house. In addition, if a piece of furniture becomes damaged during transport, most professional movers will rent a truck to repair the item at no additional cost to you. While this can save you some money, it is still much better for you to have the truck and crew pay for the repairs.